Our Mission and Values


Our Mission

Our mission declares our purpose as a company and serves as the benchmark by which we weigh our actions, our decisions and our sense of accomplishment:

» To be a scalable, global and world-class service provider, earning and retaining the respect of our customers, employees, partners, and competitors

» To provide measurable and appreciable value that will make a difference to our clients
» To establish a supporting framework for personal and professional development and inspiration for our associates

Our Core Values

Extreme Customer Focus

The pursuit of our mission must hinge upon relentless alignment with customer success. Despite occasional challenges and hurdles, we will remain committed to value delivery and target outcome so that, in the end, we will always work towards mutual benefit and accomplishment.

Employee Development And Empowerment

Our employees are the most important asset of VJL IT Augments and critical to the delivery of extreme expertise and value. We are committed to hiring the best qualified candidates and to our responsibility to enable, empower, challenge, nurture and sustain their individual growth.

Corporate And Individual Integrity

In our relationship with clients, partners, fellow employees or competitors, we will strive to maintain the highest level of respect and integrity. We understand that the fundamental basis for our growth must be built on a solid foundation of personal and professional honesty and trust.

Innovation And Best Practices

VJL IT Augments has a history of investment in innovation and forward-looking strategic initiatives. We realize that only through continuous improvement, exploration and change will we be able to meet the demands of our customers and our associates in a dynamic, highly competitive global economy. Coupling innovation and best practices is central to the realization of our stated mission.